2020 VGMA slated for August , CEO finally Clears air


According to the CEO of Charter House, Theresa Ayoade, this year’s  Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) will take place in August. Ayoade stated that she is very confident that she and her team will by August, put together a spectacular show for musicians and the general public.

According to her, although the event will be live, her team will make sure the event observes protocols to curb the spread of the corona virus pandemic

“It may not be exactly as it used to be in the past but obviously, with what is happening now, it’s going to be a downscale version,” she said

The most talked about entertainment show will in August bring to viewers spectacular performances regardless of the problems facing the country amid Covid19. Ayoade stated that she is confident that her team, by August, can put together a spectacular show for their audience.

She explained that, as organisers, Charterhouse is looking into utilising the digital space as well as new guidelines for events put forth by the Tourism Ministry.

 Ayoade explained that the live audience is the essence of the award show, hence, the need to follow through with the Tourism Ministry’s guidelines.

Preparation have also been made to ensure that Ghanaian artistes in other countries and their audiences who cannot come to the show can join virtually. Also, the show will be aired on live television.

 “The challenges of putting together logistics and not being sure of expected revenue is a real issue. In normal times, we will have been able to sell up to 4,000 tickets in VGMA-related events, but it is not so now,” she said. 


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