Wendy Shay walks out from interview over relationship allegations with her manager Bullet


Wendy Shay has recently walked out of an interview with Accra FM after she was asked if she was in a relationship with her manager Bullet, as was being speculated in public. The interviewer was persistent, hoping to get a reply from the songstress who was hesitant to answer and got furious about the said question, opting to end the interview there and then.

She later posted on her Twitter handle lambasting some media persons saying, ” What you people know is asking unprofessional questions like are you sleeping with Bullet? Are you dating Shafts? Are you dating Eugene? Is that the only thing you can ask a female artiste? Ghana Wake Up!”

According to her, she came for the interview because she needed to promote her music and not be asked ridiculous questions such as who she was dating.

Fans showed their support for her move and said the host was unprofessional. Others were of the notion that she did since she did not feel comfortable with the question, the interviewer should have gone on to ask a different question instead of pressing her to answer that particular one. The interviewer even went on to ask that if she did not answer he was going to show proof of their intimacy with the public which was not a good thing.

One of the fans had this to say about the interview,

Nana Romeo no try give Wendy Shay at all. Ah. You get proof she is having a relationship with Bullet, you asked her she said she can’t answer that question and you threaten to post the evidence you have if she doesn’t answer.”



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