How female founders can maintain a positive mental health in uncertain times

Black businesswoman writing during meeting

The pandemic has created a tumultuous environment, and prioritizing mental health is important. As a business owner, you always face a level of uncertainty and risk. All of this has now been amplified, as people across the globe share a common level of uncertainty. Here are a few steps to take to ensure that your mental health is checked so that you do not lose yourself while trying to build others up.

Giving Back

Maintaining a strong wellbeing while giving back to communities in this time meaning having humanity at heart. This simple gesture allows you to question life’s situations and realise how much life is taken for granted. It helps to build you up mentally and physically.

Caring for others

Caring for the vulnerable and aged in society can be therapeutic. It robs off good energy onto you. Kindness is a good attitude that builds both physical and mental fortitude. Be sure to do good to others while maintaining your own general well-being.

Inward Growth

During these times of uncertainty, it can become hard to project ourselves into the future. It is therefore important to focus more energy into your inward abilities as those things transcends to your mind and body. Prepare positive affirmations and songs that can motivate you daily. That is one sure way to grow yourself from within.

Virtual practice

Managing a busy virtual or online space to talk about common growing business challenges, share tips on keeping respective teams thriving, and what they can each do as busy founders to maintain their wellbeing is very important. Focus on you even as you teach the general public new things.


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