4 Things Recruiters Are Looking For When They Search For Graduates Online


Recruiters are lurking in the depths of your social media profiles and you may not know it. Are they seeing what you want them to see? Here are some things recruiters are looking for when they’re checking out your online presence.  So, it’s important you make those things easy for them to find. 


 Have something to show. Brand yourself as an expert in your field. Start a blog or create an online portfolio of your work. And make sure you know your stuff pretty well. A portfolio allows the recruitment process to be more easier and smooth for both employer and the potential employee.

Respect for Employers

Make sure you’re not bad-mouthing our former employer. If you’re trashing your old boss, colleagues, or company all over the internet, you may lose important job opportunities.This is not impressive. Recruiters wil think “If we hire them and, for some reason, they don’t work out, will this happen to us?”  

Unique Personality

Now more than ever, companies are hiring people based on their “fit” instead of just their work experience. How fit are you for the job description that employers have to offer. These days business decisions impact the broader society and that’s the more reason why you must tie your purpose and passions to whatever you do.

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Inappropriate Posts

Recruiters want to be sure that you’re not posting about inappropriate stuff. Have little tolerance for bigoted comments, overly trivial posts, and mentions of illegal drugs. It’s not enough to just post photos and videos of yourself online. Make sure your online presence depicts that of a professional.

While you’re fresh out of school, make sure your online pages project the kind of company and profession that you hope to venture into. Getting ahead of the professional curve is no more the old ways but now more than ever, it is linked to the digital space. 


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