Closing the Youth Unemployment Gap In Ghana


Businesses form part of the larger society and so do the able bodied men and women in it. Many have lost their jobs due to Covid19 but leaders can make a difference by helping out in the following ways.

Put in a word 

Putting in a word for someone in need of a job is one of the most generous things you can do for them at such a point in their lives. People are assets and their involvement in economic development is very vital. Make it a point to invest in people’s lives by telling employers about them and asking for vacancies in their stead.

 Forwarding vacancies 

Jobs vacancies that comes our way may be meant for someone in our circles. The one who needs it will only have access to such information when we share it with them. Try as much as possible to forward such messages to friends and those in your circles. You may be an angel to someone who has been job hunting for a while.


Referring someone needs a job and recommending them can go a long way to alleviate the stress they have to go through in search for job opportunities. Recommend young people who are exceptional for jobs to give room for them to stand a chance of getting jobs faster than the would have ordinarily gotten.


Giving words of encouragement to youth through motivations and teachings. Share stories of hope with young people going through the rat race of job search. Instead of criticism be their hope in a dark moment and they will always remember you for it.


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