Leaked audio of Nana Romeo asking for sex before helping a lady


Accra based radio presenter Nana Romeo has been the talk of the town lately. Last month he criticized Kidi for coming in late to his show and he was criticized by guardians for how he handled the situation. Many said he could have gone about it in a nicer way.

He was in the news again recently, for asking Wendy Shay very personal and demeaning questions during an interview. In the released audio, he can be heard telling the girl to stop making matters complicated and agree to give herself to him.

He can heard saying he’s a man and she’s a woman, so if she knows what she wants from him, she should just come over to his house and stop being so difficult because he doesn’t not give out loans for free. 

Ghanaians have a way of uncovering your darkest secrets when he gets on the bad side and it looks like Nana Romeo has fallen on that side.

Listen for yourself


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