Women’s Voices: Access to Resource Centers a Challenge for victims of abuse


Working with survivors of violence under volunteering with women organizations here in Ghana proves that most women and girls are facing a major challenge dealing with cases of abuse. It makes me happy to be part of efforts to restore dignity to the lives of young girls however, if they are not given the chance to speak to someone in higher authority, the whole fight for their freedom and equality will amount to nothing.

The nature of the violence against children, women and girls being perpetrated in most countries is no joke and as the pandemic soars on, it is important that we look into our deeper selves and ask if much work is being done to alleviate the bigger problem. Realizing that the issue is multi-faceted needs dedicated hands to address it is key.

Due to COVID-19, some of the service providers of safety and protection for victims are becoming inaccessible. The requirements to see their official is even a discouraging factor since you may need to observe a lot of protocols. The ‘no face mask no entry policy’ in some organisations has also made some women even more scared to approach some of these organizations.

Providing life skills training for these victims has also been interrupted by the pandemic. 

And we need to do our job with extra care and observe all the safety measures.  Special precautionary measures to protect victims with shelter and counseling through mobile phones and Internet is also failing because their abusers size them from using any devices nor moving outside of the home.

In helping to solidify the fight against abuse and violence against women and girls, local and international organizations must educate the public more on easily short codes and toll free numbers to reach them so that the needed help can be given to these vulnerable groups. 

Also, we must be each other’s neighbors, if you know a young girl or woman who needs help, extend a helping hand in the most efficient way possible. 


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