Woman went from hawking pure water to now making shoes- Inspiring story of Proach Shoes brand


Prosper Chidinma Erem shares her experience from hawking pure water as a teenager to becoming the CEO of a shoe making brand “Proach Shoes”.

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Her story read;

“My Success Story, From HAWKING To SHOE-MAKING”

“As a growing up child, life was never rosy to me. At that tender age, all i could do was selling with mum at the shop.
Oh how happy I was when I finally wrote my common entrance examination gaining admission into secondary school . I was feeling like a big girl”.

“As time went on, Dad lost his sight, and could no longer work again because he was a staff at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology now known as Rivers State University Port Harcourt”.

“From this moment, life took a step backwards”.

“I sold all i could, just to support myself through secondary school.
As soon as i closed from school, i’ll rush with my uniform to the market, to hawk either pure water, fruits, or any available thing. If there was nothing to hawk, i’ll join mum to sell periwinkle so we could make ends meet”.

“I finally graduated from secondary school”.

“While growing up, my father never enjoyed good shoes because he would rather take care of the football club as he gave birth to 13 Children  than buying a new pair of shoes”.

“I also never wore too many beautiful shoes to school and I said to myself I will make shoes, beautiful ones for my parents when I grow up”.

“I got into apprenticeship with a man in his shop and i learnt Shoe-making for two years”.

“Looking at how far I’ve gone, I am happy i never let my struggles as a child define me. Even though my dad does not wear his shoes out, I make shoes and Pam’s to gift him always”.

“Lesson: sometimes life does not give you all that u want, it’s your decision to get what you want out of life. Although I have not gotten to where I want but I’m pretty sure I am a step closer”.

“Today a SHOE KING is born. Happy Birthday to me”

Prosper Chidinma Erem CEO Proach Shoes

Happy Birthday to CEO Proach Shoes, Prosper Chidinma Erem.Sharing is caring!

Source: Vera’s Gist


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