Caroline Sampson Hosts her first show on Asaase Radio


The ever bubbly and radio sensation, Caroline Sampson has began work at her new job, Asaase Radio. The diva is now host of the radio program dubbed Ten-to-One, where she discusses the latest headlines in the country with a blend of the best Ghanaian music. 

Asaase radio was just launched on June 14. With the vision to promote pan-Africanist media that projects Ghanaian and African arts and culture, the station hopes to engage listeners with reliable, accurate and an authoritative multimedia platform in West Africa and beyond.

Just a few months ago, Caroline lost her job with Yfm where she had worked at for almost a decade. Her announcement about landing a new job with Asaase radio came with mixed reactions from her fan base as many of them we’re excited over the news.

Speaking at the media launched held in Accra, Caroline Sampson states that, “We did not come to play so buckle up for the most amazing radio experience you can ever imagine.” 

In an earlier tweet, she posted, “Excited about my new show on 99.5 Tune in at 10am and let me know your teeth brushing style. Water before toothpaste or toothpaste before water? Drop your comments below”

The award winning radio personality’s experiences with the media spans from her engagements with Atlantis radio, GTV, TV3, Citi FM, eTV and later  Yfm where she was host of the lunch time show, ‘Shouts on Y’.


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