Gloria Sarfo and Mikki Osei stars in ‘Corona life’ show


For all the fans who thought Gloria Sarfo and Mikki Osei were getting married, you can now hold your breath  because the two are not tying the knot.

Last week, the actress took to her social media pages to announce her undying love for Mikki who in turn replied in the affirmative. This got most fans asking the question, “Is this really happening?”

News reaching us is that the assumed pre-wedding photos being paraded on the internet by the two is for an upcoming movie titled ‘Corona Life’ show, in which they play the roles of husband and wife.

The ten minute made-for-web, radio drama, and television show which will be in Akan language depicts a COVID-19 educated wife and a recalcitrant husband who eventually contracts the virus.

According to the producer, Mr Kwame  Boadi, he chose the duo for the roles because of Gloria’s exceptional acting performance in the ‘Efiewura’ TV series, as well as Mikki’s work in the ‘Taxi Driver’ series. He believes that the two will make an amazing couple for the upcoming movie.

The show is a Ministry of Sanitation and Water resources sponsored programme with support from Graphic Communications Group Limited, Adom TV, and Kente TV.

At least for now, fans can be rest assured that the two who were successful at pulling a publicity stunt on them are intact not getting married afterall. They  played it out we too and we commend their talent for that. 


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