Proper hair tips for the natural hair queens


For the natural hair gang or Naturalistas, hair length and moisture retention are vital for good hair growth. Most women are keeping natural hair under the guise that it is easy to maintain. Meanwhile, they do not take proper care for their natural hair, leaving it dry and broken.

After you’ve begun working on having great skin, your hair is next. Targeting the scalp and hair follicles is key when you decide to starting maintaining a good hair care. You’ll want to look at hair care and preventing breakage. Curly hair needs moisture to thrive, and it will break if you don’t hydrate and lock in moisture. Here are a few tips.


Water is the first step in this moisture routine. You can take a shower, or you can use a water-based detangling product. The liquid step is your hydration stage and it is the most important. Hair requires H20 before anything else, and it will make your natural hair pliable and soft.


Using hair oil in your regimen will allow you to lock in hydration. It will also add shine to dull hair and serve as a lubricant to help your curls slide apart easier. Healing and penetrative oils are the best oils to use during this stage.


You’ll want to use a heavy cream to coat your mane or edges. Adding the cream layer will help to guard and protect the hair shaft from friction. If you have low porosity hair, or product tends to sit on your hair, you may want to use a lighter cream. A light leave-in conditioner would work well here. Plus, it will keep your hair moisturized for up to five days, which means your hair won’t dry out during the week. Work on finding the right hair food for your hair.


Having a hairstyle which protects the hair and retains the length should always be your focus. After you’ve hydrated and moisturized your hair, you’ll want to keep the strands from being exposed to friction, wind and the sun. The best protective styles cover the ends of your hair without tight tension at the root. Keeping a simple ponytail or twisting the hair can help you maintain your scalp and edges. Also find other suitable hairstyles which do not create tension on your edges and go with it.


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