4 Professional experiences every young person must possess to be excellent at their jobs


In life, one must not only aim at being the biggest but rather to be so good at what they do to set them apart in any professional space. As a young person launching into the career space, this is for you. It is a compilation of personal life experiences of professionals and how best to navigate through as a young business executive or leader.


This does not mean you should end up in the classroom. Teaching a skill or a subject matter on various topics is one way to build unique skills for any career. Many professionals have gone on to achieve high paying jobs from the skills they acquired while teaching. Pupil teachers are also known for having public speaking skills which can be transferrable on the job market. Teaching also builds your research skills as you learn to prepare ahead of the class, as well as your future business competitors.

Administrative assistant

Secretarial and administrative duties come in handy as one climbs the professional ladder. Typing and filing of papers are unique skills that multinational organisations are in high demand for. They always need the services of skilled professionals such as rapporteurs. Serving at least one year as an administrative or personal assistant gives you an advantage of getting hired faster than the person without any experience.

Sales and marketing

Companies are in need of sales executives and having the right skills can put you on the verge of securing a good business contract. Many people on the sales team earn much more than any other professional in the organization, if they are able to reach past their weekly or monthly sales target. Who wouldn’t want an extra income from a sales and marketing job? That skill can also secure you a top executive position as you will be able to secure deals for your company through a simple idea pitch.


Most people do not like to volunteer for organizations because they think there are no forms of renumeration. However, volunteers have the potential of gaining so much experience from the organization they work with even if they are not paid. In fact, nothing matches experience as you could get a chance of being recommended to an international organization for your selfless services. Having a voluntary job experience on your CV also says alot about you which can make you a first hand selection for recruiters.


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