Congolese fashion designer leads the way, uses digital space for virtual fashion launch


When U.S. based Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba’s debut was canceled at this year’s New York Fashion Week, she decided to get creative with invisible models strutting down a digital catwalk.

Last month, she launched an online fashion show, Pink Lady Congo where her designed 3D animation virtual fashion launched was organised. The virtual fashion designer also wanted to break the barrier by shattering the traditional fashion show industry.

The designer later revealed that she was behind the 3D pieces as she also does her own photo-shoot.

She also wanted to raise awareness of Child Labor in Congo’s mining fields using her digitally organized debut show as against her cancelled event at the New York Fashion week, making her decide to get creative. She said, ‘’the entire world is home on their phones and so this is the best time to do this.’’

‘’We knew it was going to be cool but we did not prepare for the massive attention is got on our Instagram page of our fashion line, Hanifar. We had a difficult time, since we had to make sure that the dress flowed in a way that it would on a curvy woman,’’ she further disclosed.

Her collection was inspired through 3D animations. She had the task of making sure the dress flowed naturally and get the quality of architecture designs

The designer however emphasized that she still loves working with real models and will get back on the runway when the pandemic has faded away.

With the longevity of the pandemic, and how it has disrupted social gathering, the fashionpreneur took her chances and has extended her frontiers in the digital space. What other fashion ideas are entrepreneurs in the industry taking advantage of during Covid-19? Be like Anifa.


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