‘We can’t afford evacuation cost’ Ghanaian students in Turkey express frustration over quarantine accommodation bill


A section of Ghanaians stranded in Turkey have expressed their disappointment about the amount to be paid for the government of Ghana to quarantine them when they are evacuated back to Ghana.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has been outlining plans to evacuate Ghanaians who are stranded abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The evacuation process has already started for those who can pay the said amount for the 14-days accommodation at selected hotels. Each individual must pay a minimum of 550 Ghana cedis a day for their lodging and food.

However, not all Ghanaians abroad are impressed with the government, especially with regards to the mandatory quarantine lodging cost.

Zeenatu, a Physician Assistant student at the Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University in Turkey stated that:
“Most of us are struggling, we’ve been struggling for the past three months and most of us cannot afford the evacuation costs.”

“Can you imagine us being asked to pay all these monies when we are already stranded? We are suffering and we want to come home, but most of us can’t afford these amounts,” .

“A lot of students are here [stranded]. Everyone is complaining; where are we going to get the money from?” “If we had this kind of money, would we call ourselves “stranded”?

Anybody that has this kind of money would prefer to stay abroad and relax till the borders open.”

Copy of letter sent to Ghanaians in Nigeria about evacuation cost

Some Ghanaians can afford such amount to be able to return home to Ghana but not these students in Turkey. Government of Ghana should have made available lower cost accommodation options.


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