Gifty Osei-Boakye Bingley On Professional Tidbits for Career Women


Women finding their forte in business is mostly a hurdle and that is why Creative Brand and External Relations Executive, Gifty Osei-Aboagye Bingley, has advised young women to be intentional in the job market. She shared nuggets of professionalism with her followers to enable them apply the right work ethics for rewards and promotions at the workplace. 

“As a communications professional I have often been asked what makes me good at my job,” she said. “And that is why I am sharing about how to get started in the workplace and some professional tips, which were practical lessons from my personal experience,” she continued. 


Certainly, having a varied background of experience is great for one’s profession. She shared that she started off as a trained journalist and worked in the Newsroom for 10 years.  

Her first degree was in Business Administration. However, she studied Communications with focus on Political Communication Campaigns and Public Opinion, while in graduate school. 

She has also done several related and non-related courses which she believes have come in handy in her career. 


Her first PR role was with a global organization which appreciated Communications and provided her with lots of opportunities for professional development and growth.  


Gifty also believes that team work is important, and as long as team members are cooperative, it is important to use that opportunity to do meaningful and effective work.  


For her, communication is a science and an art which means that the varied perspectives of team members at the workplace is important for the creative process.  

Work ethics 

Finally, Gifty mentioned the importance of ethical behavior at the workplace. According to her, Knee-jerks, quick fixes and an unprofessional approach to work may sometimes come with a cost. Professionals should therefore endeavor to be ethical in their approach to work so that they can enjoy the ripple effects in their company. 


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