Kennedy Agyapong Proves that Hardwork Pays Off, Explains How his Wealth Was Generated in Germany and the US


Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is obviously one of Ghana’s richest businessmen. He is not only owner of Net2 Television but other businesses as well as real estate business in the country. He is popular for his controversial way of handling issues and has being tagged as the man who ‘Watches the watchman’. 

According the the politician and entrepreneur, there is nothing like money rituals but rather Hardwork and dedication is what brings a person great wealth.

He said in an interview with Yfm that by age 28, he had his first property in Ghana after years of working hard without sleep in both Germany and the US. Narrating his ordeal in both countries, the honorable member of parliament revealed that he first travelled to Germany where he worked for 14 hours at two companies. 

He also disclosed that his work at a bakery in the US also taught him enough lessons as a young man. While in the US, a friend introduced him to working at the gas station, making him work another two jobs while getting the shift hours of other colleagues who rather liked to party in addition. This according to him, helped him save enough money to buy his first taxi. He later acquired seven extra taxis to do work-and-pay for him.

Hon. Agyapong advised young people to invest their time wisely and dedicate themselves to hardwork and perseverance. He claims that by age 25 he had started building wealth for himself by putting in more hours instead of sleeping and partying like the rest of his colleagues did. 

We believe that this story is inspiring and many young people must take a cue from Kennedy Agyapong’s story to be great at whatever they do.

Source: RiseGhana


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