Heartwarming Fathers day messages from the Children of Akuffo Addo and Mahama


Father’s day celebration has always being a time when exemplary dads have been celebrated. This year’s celebration was not different as many people showcased their dads on social media with words of gratitude to the father figures in their lives. Gh One TV took to the occasion to interview the children of some prominent people in the country and their revelations of growing up with these men is very touchy. 

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo

Daughters of Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, Gyankroma, Valarie, and Edwina, took to the medium to describe their father as a godly man, a true protector and provider of wealth, spirit, friendship, and through him their lives were fulfilled in the Lord. They asked for God to keep giving him a unifying spirit to serve the nation. To them, he is an amazing father and also a good leader to the country. They wished him blessing in all his endeavors. The women proved to be staunch believers in their submission and prayers for their dad. Their faith in the Lord they say has been from their father’s upbringing. They thanked him for being a good role model, asking all women to check in on the mental health and health status of their men and fathers especially in these times of the pandemic.

John Dramani Mahama

Sharaf, Jesse and Farida Mahama, children of former president, John Dramani Mahama, also thanked him for being an instrumental father whose influence in their lives has been helpful. They spoke about admiring his style of communication and the eloquence with which he addressed the public. Farida shared fond memories of when she had to go to the office together with her dad as a young girl and how she brought along little kittens to his office which led to her being barred from the office for a whole month. The boys shared how they shared sports moments such as football and boxing at the Bukom Arena with their dad. They wished him a happy Father’s day and expressed their love and admiration for the former president and their dad.

Daughters of Kwambena Duffour

Panyi Baffuor Awuah, Kakra Duffour Nyarko, Nana Adoma Duffour, daughters of Kwabena Duffour, former governor of the bank of Ghana; also had their share of the message on the occasion.

They described their dad as a big promoter of education and lover of family, who went as far as having their examination time table. “He called us to pray for us before every exams,” they revealed. According to them, he was a big believer in education.

Kakra narrated that when she got a job offer, she advised her to turn it down for obvious reasons.

His last daughter and Pension baby shared memories of when she was advised not to get into bad relationships as a young woman growing up. She also shared how after a long day at work she would spend hours speaking to him. They expressed how sweet he was and how he liked spending time with his children and grandchildren. According to them, he always wants to know where his kids went at all times. 

On Father’s day Panyi also took the opportunity to thank him for being a good father and a strong pillar for the family. They described him as one who provided guidance, support, love and advise to everyone around him. They prayed for all his heart desires to be granted. They further wished him long life and told him how they appreciated all that he had done for them and others whom he had touched in diverse ways.


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