Couple Goals: Alex and Claudia Pre Wedding Photos Which Will Make You Drool Over Their Relationship


These pre-wedding photos of Alex and Claudia which hit the internet a few weeks ago proves that true love exists and is beautiful. The couple have trended with their pictures on social media so far and we are glad to announce that they finally tied the knot.

On how they first met, Alex narrates the story of how he first met Claudia who at the moment did not know that he even existed. The couple’s pictures tells a story on its own.

Here is what he posted on IG concerning how he met the woman of his dreams: 

“Dreams come true… I was in love with Claudia when she had no idea I existed.

 The first time I laid eyes on her , she took my breath away. Her smile, her eyes, her gentle soul. 

Her beauty was almost intimidating yet I knew even after several years of admiring from afar, that I had to shoot my shot or hate myself forever.

Fate dealt us a fortunate hand when our paths crossed again rather graciously.

After our first date, I knew there was no turning back and I had figuratively and literally hit the jackpot. She was indeed the woman of my dreams.”

The beautiful duo has caught the eyes of many who believe their love is pure and is real. They indeed blessed our hearts with their stunning imagery which was captured by Jena Photography.

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The brides kente print was beautiful woven by the designer named, Saadia Sanusi, which perfectly fits her naturally curved physique, and we must admit that the buggy attire is a die-for. We wish to see more couple trending on social media like the two have in the past weeks.

The details of their fashionable attires and their posture tells it all about their fashion statement. These couple indeed  exceptional and they are goals.

Indeed, they are a couple to behold and emulate as Alex would later put it, “If you love someone, love her completely, cherish her, say it to her, but most importantly, show it!”

Find their enviable pre-wedding photos below


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