‘Covid-19 is like an extreme version of malaria’ Ghanaian woman who caught the virus narrates


A woman by the name of Ama Owusuaah Boateng, is a seller at the market. Due to covid-19, she took sometime of from selling and closed her shop.

She was taking a break at home when she contracted the coronavirus. She describes it as a terrible disease that feels like and extreme version of malaria in relation to the pain level.

In a post on Facebook, she said ” The muscle pain is like a log of timber fell on you. You’re unable to smell anything in the world”.

She narrates how she caught it and her recovery below.

I have covid 19. I’m recovering but the point is I’ve been infected and my relative that infected me is at a critical point unfortunately and she needs all prayers. Apparently she’d been at that point a long time but during the time I was also seriously ill my parents decided not to feed me with that news to make me start getting scared.

I’m still Isolated and I wanted to wait and share my experiences after my appetite was restored but I just had a conversation with a friend right now and he mentioned something that set me thinking – what if one of you good friends of mine on Facebook get infected because of lack of certain information while I await my appetite to be restored before I share my story? And that is why I’m sharing it now.

We need to de-stigmatize it and talk about it so that others learn from our experiences and take more precautions. I remember how Dr. Chardy Taylor Dawson got so scared when she tried to contact me and it wasn’t going through because the previous days I wasn’t doing well at all when we last spoke. Awo Aid Amen, Kwame Sarpong Asiedu and many that knew it got scared.

Please be warned, it’s an extremely terrible disease, I can’t emphasize it enough. Its like malaria, like an extreme form of malaria in terms of how it makes you feel. The muscle pain is like a log of timber fell on you. You’re unable to smell anything in the world(even your own shit, excuse my language).

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I took all precautions seriously especially as a trader that works in the market so I stopped going to the shop some months ago only for the disease to follow me right here in my house.

This is how it happened, my relative came here to look for my mum(she said she needed money to go to the hospital because she had malaria), my mum wasn’t around(something I’m eternally grateful for cos imagine if my mum was the one that contracted it, it would have been another story) and so I spoke with her and gave her some of the money. That’s how I got it.

Please stay away from people that say they have malaria; it looks like in Ghana many people associate muscle pain with malaria so many may not readily know its covid before they get critically ill and by then they would have infected tens of people as it happened with me.

I’m still in isolation and will be until the doctors give me clearance
but I’m feeling way better today with the exception of my appetite.

I didn’t experience breathing problems but I did experience loss of smell and taste. In my opinion it’s the most scary thing in the world. Not being able to smell anything no matter how hard you try.

I begun to smell things on Monday afternoon I think, I sensed that I could smell the chopped garlic I was about to swallow, so I could smell but it had to be very close to my nose, then later that same day I begun to sweat; that was a good sign because I had been feeling cold all the while so being able to sweat meant I was starting to get warm and from then on I have been getting better day after day.

Please don’t take chances with this thing, avoid it at all cost, it is so terrible I don’t know how to explain it. You may not survive it if your immune system isn’t robust.

Also, what I noticed is that when you have it whatever illness you’re already living with gets worse and since I have headache problems my head could ache to the point where I’d be weeping.

You can’t sleep because of the extreme muscle pain and you feel like you’re going to get worse. Please don’t get it, do everything in your power not to get it. Adhere to all protocols and take actions promptly the moment you experience the symptoms.



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