Every Child Has The Right to Education Amid COVID-19


In supporting children impacted by Covid-19, the World Vision International has suggested that some measures should be put in place to secure the child’s rights. These measures include education, child protection, and food and livelihood support.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, children and their families are facing new and increased stress, resulting in physical and sometimes emotional abuse, neglect and exploitation of children in poorer societies.

Reading camps

One way to ensure that children are made to enjoy inclusive education is by teaching them how to read and comprehend stories. Like the say, readers are leaders. Allow the children to enjoy the process by taking them through shorter passages while progressing as the days go by. Reading broadens their minds and allows their imaginations to run wild

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Online learning

Even as schools remain closed, parents and teachers must ensure that education is not interrupted for the most vulnerable groups of children. Engaging in online classes or virtual schools can enable these young ones to sharpen their brains. It will be beneficial for not just the children, but the teachers who involve in these online exercise with the kids. 

Arts clubs

Arts is known to build the cognitive skills of young ones. Teaching arts to children and making them involved in the process of creating beautiful artifacts is not only good for the health but it also sparks their creative juices. Form arts clubs whereby young children can join on specific days to learn while playing.


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