Here’s How This Young Professional Leveraged On Her National Service Experience


“Success is not obtained overnight. It comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day’s success.”— Israelmore Ayivor. 

According to the Communications Associate at UNDP Ghana, Ms Priscilla Mawuena Adjeidu, she had to take on big tasks during National Service, as she had the opportunity to Lead the Communications Unit at UNDP Ghana for 4 months. This was because her boss was absent during that period. 

For her, no matter how busy one is, it is always important to take time to celebrate your milestones because those moments of joy and personal accomplishments matter, no matter how big or little. And this milestone was achieved while rendering her national service. 

Her boss, Ms Praise Nutakor’s expertise and service was required at UNDP Africa and Ms Mawuena had to take charge while she was away. According to her, this was a big one for her. 

Mawuena revealed that it was a huge shoe to fill, as a National Service person with a major in Journalism as first degree. 

From sitting in strategic management meeting for strategic communications decisions, content creation, managing social media platforms, writing and reporting on the organization’s program areas, as well as developing communication strategies and plans; she had to put in more effort at her workplace. 

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She also had to supervise for everything and anything that will build more visibility for projects and also handle strategic media monitoring to avoid crisis. In the end, the National service personnel mastered the craft of self management and team work. 

Interestingly, she disclosed having acquired all those skills exhibited during the period from June to September, which she however inculcated and learnt  from her boss. 

From this leadership role, she identified three core values which guided her throughout the period. These include Integrity, Excellence and Hard Work. 

This is a National Service experience worth sharing and knowing about. We admire the young woman’s resilience and dedication to serving her nation and believe other young Ghanaian graduates will emulate her skills and apply it to their career. 


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