5 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

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Host of Wundef Show and Digital Marketer, Mr Charles Wudengba, has shared a few tips on how to manage your social media accounts and stay relevant online. He gave these tips as a way to teach the youth the right ways to engage their social media accounts as they spend time on the medium amid the pandemic. 

Hate speech 

You might disagree with a particular group of people, ethnic or religion. But this does not mean you should publicly let everyone know what you think. 

Tagging someone in an embarrassing photo 

To upload a picture you took of a friend or with a friend in which the other party wasn’t in a good position or situation, never upload it without them agreeing. 

Writing negative posts about people 

You might think you have the freedom to write what you wish but the one you are writing about has the right to also sue you if they feel offended. Constantly criticizing non-public figures could land you in trouble. 

Making death threats 

The dangerous aspect of making death threats on social media is that, someone could just hurt the individual and you will be the one to be held responsible. 

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Posting your locations at all times 

For security reasons, it is not advisable to make our locations and journeys public at all times. Criminals staying in your community could break into your house if they know you have traveled through your update on social media. 

Robbers could also monitor your movement on social media and could harm you. 


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