I Have a Long term fashion goal and My Skirts And Dresses form part of it- Osebo


Richard Brown, popular for the name Osebo, has disclosed on the Delay Show that he has a long term plan for his fashion business as he wants to permeate the fashion industry globally. The man who is known for flooding the internet wearing skirts of Scottish fashion origin, has said that his style of dressing is a way he uses to market his brand. 

Speaking with Delay in an interview on what informs his choice of attire each day, the Zara man had this to say, 

“Before I sleep, I plan what I want to wear the next day because I already have it figured out in my mind. 

In relation to my choice of clothes, I have 60 pieces of jeans, 40 blazers, and 39 complete suits, and about 350 footwear, that I choose from.’’  

The 49 year old fashionpreneur also revealed that he has 5 children whom he adores so much. 

He however announced that his business line should be separated from his former relationship with the Ghanaian media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah. This, he said, is because of comments from the public that “how can a man in skirt ever have dated a woman of such caliber?” 

According to him, he finds such remarks offensive and that people should desist from using such derogatory comments. 

Meanwhile, the owner of ‘Zara 247 boutique’ does not only boast of managing a big shop, but also has three buildings and a fleet of cars, including a Porsche and a Mercedes Benz, to his name. 


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