What Success Means to a Phenomenal Woman


“I feel successful if I remind myself of my own definition. 

And don’t compare myself to others”– Eleonora Valenti 

The Senior Talent Recruiter and head of talent acquisition at Mindvalley, a company that provides a learning platform for transformational leaders, Eleanora Valenti, has said that successful people are the ones who act according to their own definition. In answering the question, is there a unique definition for success, here’s what she had to share with her Mindvalley followers. 

Sense of Purpose 

Success always means being unapologetically true to yourself . You should never compromise your core identity, because it defines you.  

Meaningful Cause 

Weighing your career success with how much you can impact the way society behaves and shifting people towards positive change is important. Replacing the old and outdated mindset of people with fresh and new mindset is known to impact society. It is of great service to mankind. And in turn, this will positively affect one’s personal life in many ways. 

Passionate work 

Taking a look at your own values and goals in order to make a plan to achieve them allows you to work on your passion. 

Learning and Progressing  

According to the phenomenal woman,  “The freedom to create a life that is in line with who I am and what I believe in. Walking free in my hometown city, even at night, feeling safe, is freedom to me.” To her, that is a learning curve she wakes up to everyday. 

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Feeling abundant 

Success is all about doing what makes you joyful, touching lives through loving, caring, giving and equally sowing the kind of seeds you want to reap in your life  into others lives. When you do these things you get true fulfillment and when you are truly fulfilled then you are successful. 


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