Five Things to Do on the First of Every Month


It’s a new month and everyone is in a frenzy. You may be in a fix right now asking yourself what to do next or what new things to involve yourself with in this new month. Well, this piece is here to teach you a few new activities you can engage in this month which which actually begins the second quarter of the year. Hope you find it useful and see it as a vital tool for your to-do-list. Keep reading to find out more insights.

Start a new book

A good way to stay focused ahead of the month is to start reading a new book. Most people are not reading fanatics however, the benefits of reading any interesting book is that is gives you the discipline to start and finish off most of your tasks. Reading sharpens your brain and refreshes your knowledge base on several matters of interest. Adding a new book to your reading list will surely keep you engaged during your break periods.

Monthly Goals

Do your best to write down three goals to accomplish by the end of the month. This means that you plan to accomplish these three goals against all odds. Writing down your goals also means you want to be reminded of them as you visualize the end results. To achieve any big thing in life, it starts with small habits and writing down these goals make them more easier to be smashed.

Monthly budget 

Your expenses should not be left to chance. Every rich person has acknowledged the fact that budgeting is a great way to take charge of your finances. Drawing a plan on your expenditures is very important because it keeps you focused and prevents you from spending on unplanned items which you may not even need in the long run.

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Schedule free days

Free times are very good for one’s wellbeing. Alone times when you can take time to rest and do things for yourself is a rare opportunity. Schedule days when you can spend time alone so that you do not use up all your days of the month engaged in busy activities. 

Legacy assessment 

Frequently doing a legacy assessment helps to shape your lifestyle. You must ask yourself each moment whether your life is in the right direction or there are things in it which may jeopardize your future. Questioning and finding answers to your current decisions make room for more better lifestyle for a better tomorrow.


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