Rosy Fynn on STEM, Advises Youth On Career Options in a Growing Technological Era


The CEO of Busy Internet, Mrs Rosy Fynn, has taken to a webinar series titled, “Time with the STEM CEO’’, to empower young people in Ghana. The  Science Technology Engineering  and  Maths (STEM) enthusiast and hardworking top executive advised young people to harness soft skills in Information Technology in order to be relevant in the current professional world.


She encouraged her audience to have an interest in science and take a course or two in IT related fields if they lack any. For her, the importance of STEM is more evident in the world we are currently amid the pandemic and economic uprisings.

The National Service personnel I have worked with are really smart but are difficult to communicate with, they try to plan too much and overanalyze things instead of taking chances,” she revealed. She explained that the youth should use their internship and National service periods to build professional capabilities and exposure for themselves in preparation towards the business world.

Helpful mentees

She further advised the youth to keep abreast with current trends and news around the world. Mrs Fynn also admonished them to make themselves useful to their mentors saying that “I’m always looking for mentees with whom I can also learn from and not ones that I only teach or support all the time.”

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Relevant skills

To the CEO, learning skills such as communication skills, listening skills, presentation and PowerPoint skills, are all necessary for the corporate and entrepreneurial world.


She shared her career experiences from working with organizations like Tigo and Surfline, saying those experiences had a huge impact on her life.

Even though I studied MBA at Harvard University, I didn’t have professional experience in Marketing. Tigo Ghana was one of the best training school for me as I was asked to do a presentation to some top business moguls for the first time and I gave it my best,” she disclosed.


According to the CEO, being open in interactions to all people in your organization is also key to surviving the business terrain. Finally, she advised the youth to always try to figure out how things can be done in order to find innovative solutions to problems around them.

The webinar series was curated under the STEM Woman Project, Radcomm Communications. It was moderated by Ms Lillipearl Baaba Otoo who is a journalist.


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