Charlotte Osei Share Nuggets of Wisdom In Business and In Life With Young Women


The former Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei has taken to her Instagram live to educate the youth on personal and career development. The webinar series which is dubbed, “What I wish I knew At 25”, saw the powerful woman teaching life lessons in career, finances, friendship, relationship, and marriage. The following are excerpts of her webinar series.


On career, Charlotte Osei told her audience to practice excellence. Always keep learning and reinventing yourself. According to her, no matter what you do, consider learning the business of the industry in order to be the best in the industry. Be faithful in little things. When you are faithful in little things, you will be rewarded with little things.

‘’This week, I did a job for an organisation and 18 people were shortlisted. on Monday and Tuesday two showed up and on the third day, none showed up. This is a kind of indiscipline and bad attitude which young people show,’’ she said.

Young people need to learn business etiquettes. There is a way every industry works. Even in the offices that practice dress down, there is a difference in every industry. It is not about wearing expensive stuff but the right clothes.

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Speaking on respect at the workplace, she said, ‘’Respect the opportunities that life gives you. Don’t burn bridges. Respect relationships. I once had a boss who was extremely difficult to work under; she was petty in all sorts of ways. I decided I would never react. Eventually, I got the opportunity to be her boss. So be careful how you treat people.’’

In changing jobs, she mentioned that sometimes one makes horizontal moves because maybe where they are moving to may expose them to better skills and opportunities. ‘’I have made three or four job moves which had lower salaries but they had opened bigger opportunities. Relationships are important, never place money over people,’’ she explained.

‘’You will be surprised over the payments you have over certain relationships. Your attitudes and relationships are more important than your qualifications and certificates,’’ she further added.


The former EC boss advised that, It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. 

‘’I wished I had started retirement savings the day I started working. You need to know the difference between assets and liability,’’ she said.

Channel handbags, iPhone, cars, shoes, these things do not appreciate in value, rather they depreciate. Liabilities do not appreciate in value, they depreciate. Dressing nicely should not be expensive. According to her, one needs to get friends and pull resources together to enter into profitable ventures. According to her, ‘’This is better than buying unnecessary stuff. Work it until you make it. There is no point trying to impress anybody. What are showing off? Some of the things you are struggling for today will come naturally to you when you get to the point. Read investment books and seek investment advice.’’


Charlotte Osei further advised the young people to pick your friends carefully. Pick your friends deliberately. For her, one needs friends who support, inspire, and correct your mistakes. ‘’Run from envious friends and gossips,’’ she said.  ‘’Note the difference between friends and acquaintances. Remember that when it comes to friends its quality over quantity,’’ she further stated. Like Oprah Winfrey said, when someone shows you who they are, do not argue with them. If a friend is toxic and envious, you must unfollow them. Don’t hesitate or think about it, detach yourself. Invest in your friend; show an interest in their lives. ‘’The same support you want from your friends, give the same to them. You should never be too big for advice,’’ Mrs Osei finally added.


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