Marrying in Covd19 Times, the Do’s and Don’ts


If you are like most young people who think they have attained the ages of marriage, the pandemic is making you think deeply about your decisions about the lifelong journey.

In times like this, people are either in a rush to do things or are just clueless on how to manage their life. Take the announcement of the lockdown for instance, most people were doing impulse buying and hoarding of items because they were not sure when the lockdown was going to end.

Can we then juxtapose that situation of rushed buying and selling to how people are dealing with their relationships in recent times? Well, your guess is good as mine. Recently, a friend called me to joking suggest that we marry during this period.


I told her “no way,” and she was a bit confused. For her, these were times to cut on certain expenses for the wedding. Well, I couldn’t agree more to that but my answer still remained ‘no’.

You see, this may sound a bit controversial, but marry because you want to and not based on what society thinks. By all means too, marry the one you think is right for you and not based on circumstances. A lot of people for instance, are hooking on to their exes who treated them badly in the past because they feel lonely.

That in fact is a problem on its own. And then perhaps this ex pops the ‘will you marry me?’ question. This could be a great news but have you weighed the options? Now is not the time to make decisions based on emotions because the world is already in a state of confusion.


There are a few pictures circulating of gorgeous couple who have initiated their marriage in these COVID-19 times. That is a good sign especially for the ones who have dated for sometime now and know each other so well to decide that this is their perfect time.

The catch here is that, most of them are observing the protocols of inviting not many people to the wedding, which is also a good thing to do. The families must have had a hard time deciding who should be present. We do not want to go into all that now as that can be a whole headache for the couple and their families.

It is however commendable to see most young women being whisked away into their matrimonial homes at this stage that the world is in. It goes to say that such are priceless women whose other halves cannot do without in these lonely and isolated times.

The point of this article is to share why there is the need for young couples to decide to be joined together in holy matrimony so that the rate of unwanted pregnancies will be reduced. 

Also, it is also to share with readers that these are times for single people to reevaluate their partners and ask themselves if they are ready to go the long haul with whoever they are currently dating.


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