Ladies, Do These While Waiting For Mr Right


Finding and building great relationships is not so easy in today’s world. Most relationships are at a standstill while some end on a bad note because they were initially unplanned.   For most of the time, women need to decide who they date after every proposal. It is therefore important to do these things if you’re a woman who is in the single or waiting period.

Soul search

Do a self retrospection of yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What do you stand for? This deep look into your inner self will help you figure out what you stand for and the things you cannot stand in the long run. Focus on the most unique traits that make you who you are. This will enable you to communicate who you are to your partner while you translate your personality into becoming wonderful person in your relationship. Knowing yourself first is key to allowing another person know you.

You first

Take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and look good at all times just for yourself. Make your health and daily upkeep your pride. Focus on your spur and mental well being too. Always go for walks and nurture any special talent that you have. Never underestimate yourself and find strength to do even the things that you think you cannot do. You will thank yourself for doing this and your Mr Right will be more than glad to meet you in a healthy state.

Write Goals

You need a goal and clear description of the man you want to date. Writing down the things you want to see in your man is important for you to be guided in your search for Mr Right. Be specific about what you want to see in your man so that when he comes, you’ll know.


Do not wait in idleness while Mr Right is yet to set in. Remember to give yourself the treat of your life. You may possibly go on tour to your dream destination or visit the best events in your community. Do not become boring to yourself and your friends just because you’re single. Go out there and have fun with yourself and others.  Go on dates too. Meet new people. Learn new things. Your other half will be better of finding you happy and busy than you being idle and depressed.


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