Ghanaians want to know if Becca got the chance to reconcile with her Mother


Yesterday news came out that musician Becca has lost her biological mother on the 7th of January 2021. Blogger Chris Vincent was one of the people to break the story.

Some two years ago after Becca got married to her Nigerian husband Oluwatobi Sanni Daniel, her mother came out publicly to announce her displeasure at how she was treated at her traditional engagement and wedding. Ghanaians got to know that Becca’s biological mother Julie Yiadom-Oti, was not mentioned as her mother at the event but rather her step-mother got all the glory that day. She was also made to sit at the back with the audience rather than in-front with the bride and groom.

Madam Julie having travelled all the way from London to attend the event and help her daughter Becca with the planning was not pleased with the decision taken by Becca and her father not to mention her at the engagement. She therefore reached out to some Ghana media outlets to air her feelings.

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How did Becca respond to her mother? Silence! She never spoke on the matter but rather stopped all forms of communication with her. When she gave birth to her first child in 2019, her biological mother was not informed. Madam Julie again had to come to the media again, to say she didn’t know her daughter Becca had given her a grandchild and she hoped to meet the grandchild soon.

Becca finally made a post of her instagram about the death of her mother and asked for privacy from Ghanaians. She also wrote it’s one of the saddest days in her life.

Becca’s post about her mothers demise

Ghanaians on social media are asking if she ever got the chance to reconcile with her mother after two years of not speaking with her, was she told of her mothers illness and if she was, did she get in touch with her? Ghanaians have so many questions but she turned off the comments section of her post. Some are feeling her pain, others also want to blast her for how she treated her mom

Life is indeed short, this mother died of heartache that’s for sure. Love people when they are alive.


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