Woman sleeps with son due to being lonely in her Marriage leads to pregnancy


Social media has become a place for many to release steam especially people frustrated in their marriages. Many groups have been created for such purposes on Facebook where both men and women can share their frustrations in life and marriage and seek solutions from members.

One of such people is a woman in Nigeria her sent her issue to one of such pages. The story the woman narrates is just sad and evil. This lady who wants to be kept anonymous has been having sexual encounter with her own son because of feeling lonely. She started letting the boy touch her when he was only 12 years old.

woman start affair with her underage son

The son who is now 19 years old is now the father of her mothers last child who is 12 months old. The situation gets even more disgusting. The son started sleeping with his sister also in the same house.

To top this evil act, the woman’s husband has also been sleeping with the daughter and two abortions has been performed by the girl for her fathers pregnancy. This woman is now seeking advice and help from online people. The Facebook admin of the page was so disgusted that she didn’t even want to hear from the anonymous poster.

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This woman started a sexual relationship with her 12 year old son because her husband was living in another state and she was bored. She now wants to make things right and save her daughter.

She is reaping what she sowed😩. Read into detail the story below


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