He won’t lick me, I don’t think I can go ahead with our marriage plans


There are so many important things to look for when choosing a life partner. Some which include finances, character and looks. A Ghanaian woman is looking to cancel her plans for marriage because the groom to be won’t perform cunnilingus on her.

This post was seen on Abena Magis page on Facebook where the lady is looking for for advice on how to proceed with their plans to get married.

This lady cannot enjoy sex without getting licked yet is planning to marry a man that says he has never performed oral sex on a woman. That is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s going to lead to cheating in the future from the woman’s part. She has experienced it and knows that she likes it.

She can choose to compromise with the other qualities that the guy possesses and hopefully it works out for them. She can also hire a lawyer and use sex toys to help her reach orgasm but obviously it wouldn’t be the same sensation.

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Female orgasm cannot always be reached through intercourse. The licking is very important, but of course the anonymous poster is getting insulted under the post, that she has nothing better worry about.

This is a big deal, and from the responses it means a lot of Ghanaian women are not getting lickings in their marriages.


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