Twin Girls Orphaned by Gory Accident


These beautiful twin girls you see lost their parents in an accident sadly. They are taken care of by a kind woman in their village. Mr. Wisdom Dordoe who rans an organization is seeking the help of Ghanaians on social media to help cater for the girls. Donations can be made in the link below and read his account of events as seen on Facebook. The are also in need of clothing and shoes, anything small will help

Where the girls are dwelling

Last week I received a sad story of a couple who died in a gory accident leaving their twin girls behind. I went to the village to listen to the detailed story and it was mind blowing. The twins are staying with a woman who is not doing any sustainable work to enable her provide proper care for them. She washes people clothes for money which only covers their food, reason the children have never been to school. 

The woman is not a relative  of either the father or the mother. She just offered to take  care of  themas they have been left all alone. We agreed to help her with petty trading to enable her provide food and proper care whiles the foundation provides education, clothes and other support to the childrenWe cannot do this alone because we already have 650 children in our care but we will definitely do our best.

Mr. Wisdom and the girls when he visited

If you are touched and want to support, please use this link.

Mobile Money no. 0558504545 

Name: Give Me Hope Foundation

Wisdom Dordoe 

CEO, Give Me Hope Foundation 



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